Meet our Reps

Hi guys! My name is Hayden & I’ve been a life long ambassador for the best Pretty & Personalized since the age of 2! I love playing outside with my brothers, driving dad’s truck, & of course spending mommy’s money on all of my P&P custom tees. You will never ever be disappointed with your custom items, I promise! Be sure to use my code HAY15 at checkout to save on your next order!
Savvy Lou
Hi there, I’m Savvy Lou! I am 3 years old and live in sunny California! I love my big bro Landon, being outside, playing dress up and all things Disney! Oh, and of course love my P&P! The best part is my whole family loves P&P too—something for everyone! I know you’ll love your P&P just like me! Use our code SAVVY15 to save on your orders
Hayden & Adalynn
Hi everyone! This is Hayden (6) and Adalynn (3)! Hayden is the sweet one & Adalynn is definitely the sassy one! They like coloring together, playing hair salon, but mostly fighting with each other lol. We have been repping for Pretty & Personalized for just about 3 years now & couldn’t imagine ever leaving! Use our code 🖤Sisters15🖤 to help save! We promise you won’t be disappointed supporting this amazing shop 🖤
Arabella & Xavier
HI everyone were Arabella and Xavier, the best of friends who are forced to take tons of pictures together! Mom loves all things small shop ESPECIALLY P&P, use our code HARO15 to save!
Karter is SASSY and FULL of life! We love sports, beach trips, anything Grinch and of course our FAVORITE P&P! We love repping for the BEST custom apparel shop and seeing all our friends rock their amazing tees! Be sure to grab shirts for your whole family and use our code  KARTER15 at checkout to S A V E! Can’t wait to see pics, be sure to share in our FB VIP group! 



Hi everyone, I’m Willow Ray! I may look and act sweet but I’m a very sassy 2.5 year old. I love to make everyone laugh, I have a huge personality, and very big imagination. I love going to the beach and Disneyland. I love being able to customize shirts from Pretty & Personalized and I know you will too! Use rep code WILLOW15 to save!


Angie & Micaela
Hey everyone! I am Angie from Menifee, Ca. I am mama to Gabrie 15 year olds & Micaela 6 years old. I’ve been with my husband for 16 years. I am a licensed home baker. Hobby turned business and I absolutely love what I do. We are a busy family. My son plays baseball and daughter in dance. So between tournaments, recitals and family time its hectic. I absolute love expressing myself on shirts & Lisa has always been my go to. Best quality! I hope to be able to help you all!
Asher & Paxton
Hey! We are Asher(3yo) and Paxton(7 months old). We love playing outside and spending time with our family. Brother sets are our favorite things to get from P&P. We love this shop and know you will too use our code BROTHERS15 to save! 💙
Leach family
Hi everyone! I’m Jamie, I have 2 girls Kadyn (😎 & Kendyl (6) and my sweet mamas boy Hutson (8 months). We are all so excited to be representing P&P and support our beautiful friend and owner Lisa. Feel free to use our rep code ✨Leach15✨ to save some money!

Hey there! Our names are Wynter & Maverick. We are 5 and 2 years old, we have two older brothers as well but we only let mom take pictures of us! Our mommy has been shopping with p&p since right after it opened and between you and me, I think she may have a problem! If you wanna show us some support you can use MGK15 when you’re checking out!
Mia & Maxtin
Hey friends I’m Mia! I’m excited to be back a few things have changed though. I’m 5 now and starting school, so you know my mom just HAD to come back to P&P. This time I’m brining my new brother along for the ride! His name is Maxtin he 3months old and we can’t wait to help you save with code MJ15
Hey everyone, I’m Eliana! I’m 6 years old & live in North Carolina. I’m Sassy,full of life & personality!
Be sure to use our code- ELI15 on your order!
Ty and Mama
Hi everyone, We're Tyler(Ty) and Mama, an unstoppable duo thrilled to join Pretty and Personalized! Originally from California, now we are located in Utah! Tyler, a bundle of energy, finds joy in all things ocean, mountains, animals, trucks, and especially DINOSAURS. His imagination knows no bounds as he crafts adventures by the shore or roars like a T-Rex. Mama, his partner-in-adventure, nurtures his passions while sharing her love for marine wonders, trucks of all sizes, and the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs. Together, we're diving into personalized treasures that reflect our unique interests, courtesy of P&P!
Use our code- AT15
Hi, my name is MacKenzie, but my family calls me Kenzie. I am a very sassy 3 year old with a big personality. I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, and my family. This is my first time repping for P&P, but I have had a lot of cute tees made since I was a baby. Use my code KENZIE15 at checkout to save on your next order!
Hiiii! I’m Aria! I am almost 6 and have been rocking Pretty & Personalized custom tees and leotards since I was 2! Mommy loves to match my outfits to my personality and she loves to match with my brother and me, especially on holidays! Some of my favorite things are make up, dancing, pretending to be a YouTuber, and dressing up in all my P&P stuff! Use my code LOVE15to save and get to ordering your new favorite clothes!